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Spirit Guide

Under the guidance of the divine blessings of the higher powers, through psychic mediumship I connect and communicate with spirit for healing and light work. Many of us have questions – we want clarity about a particular situation, or we just need confirmation about what we already know. I act as a channel for your guides, angels and spirits to provide answers, clarity, healing and validation, and to help you gain a sense of peace and understanding.


We offer deep emotional processing, trauma healing and holistic spiritual counselling.

Deep emotional processing involves resolving old emotional pain through intimate one-to-one interactions that are designed to address individual holistic needs. We use compassionate dialogue and various techniques such as meditation, energy work, herbal/plant medicine and other holistic tools tailored to your intuitive needs, always prioritising your values. Through these in-depth sessions we help you identify emotional blocks, shed old layers that no longer serve your growth, and communicate with the deeper layers of the self. Together we find clarity and discover new meanings that can lead you to more freedom while strengthening your connection to the Higher Being.

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