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Social Scientist

With vast practical experience in social entrepreneurship, a B. Com (Hons) and Masters of Management (MM), I have extensive professional experience in non-profit management and social science consulting at an executive level. I also have a wide range of skills as a result of my involvement with the MM Foundation and other commercial enterprises that have a social entrepreneurship element. My experience includes sitting on the boards of NGOs boards such as Colour Me Africa (a USA-based organisation that supports, cultivates and promotes the diverse contribution of Africa in the arts) and JAGuild (Johannesburg Artists’ Guild) which is also focused on the development of African artists.


Under the supervision of Dr Chelete Monyane, an advocate of the High Court of South Africa, I have participated in research and discussions on The Hybrid Human Rights-based Development Evaluation Methodology organised by the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute.


I provide consulting services to non-profits on programme development, strategic planning, board governance, development and transformation. I am proficient at public presentations and workshop facilitation, and I have produced institutional and strategic plans. My consulting, workshop facilitating, and advisory services are also available to religious, governmental, and international sectors.


I specialise in providing quality consulting services on social science topics. Using a network of qualified social scientists, I create teams to respond to the unique needs of specific projects. The researchers I work with are affiliated with academic institutions and are respected professionals in their respective fields of study.

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