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Inspire[d] Change

For years, I have felt the need for a community I could speak to about anything – my dreams, hopes and aspirations, my “fears” and my life story – because I believe my life matters. So does yours.

And so, in the absence of such a community, or perhaps because I have not yet found the right one, I decided to create the space for this community to exist. Surely if I felt the need, the longing for such a space, others too must yearn for a similar community. After all, for the most part, we humans crave the same things – a feeling of safety, being held, being seen, being heard.

I knew that this community could not exist while I was living what I’ll call a life that was not consistent with who I really was, not consistent with my Spirit. And so I was inspired to change, and when we really feel inspired, what appears to be risky becomes a path we feel compelled to follow. I then committed to making changes in my life. That meant ending a marriage that no longer served my growth nor his, responding with a YES to my spiritual calling, and, yes, finally moving closer to myself, closer to God. I was inspired [in-Spirit] to start something. I say in-Spirit because when we are called to do something greater than ourselves, something that reflects an awareness of our Divinity, it is then that we are most aligned with Spirit.

And so, I bring you Conscious Conversations. Conscious Conversations is a platform centred around creating a collective safe space that encourages honest human connection. A place to help us reframe the self-limiting ideas we hold about ourselves and our life experiences. A collective safe space where you will be held, be seen, be heard – with no judgement.

Through these conversations, we’ll aim to inspire deep and meaningful interactions that will grow into a community of practice that is committed to healing and expansion. Here you will laugh, you will cry and you will ponder the meaning of life and your role in it.

I look forward to sharing life with you!


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