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Returning to Myself

Returning to Myself

My name is Mmabatho Montse, daughter of Motshidisi Montse. I was raised by my mother in a small town called Kimberley, in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

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I turned 30 on September, 05th 2018. I am a mother of two beautiful boys aged, 12 and 3. I hold two degrees in the field of Business Administration, and I have committed to studying towards a master’s in management (Public Policy) in 2019.

I am an entrepreneur, an aspiring Humanist, Social Activist and Writer. I am passionate about human development, specifically women and children. The stories that inspire me most are from my own lived experiences, my mother and the communities I grew up around. The challenges I have experienced and overcome. My life story; driven by courage and resilience (well, most of the time) are the impetus behind my eagerness and drive to work with people. Courage and Resilience, in my view unlock the inherent potential of people to grow into who they are meant to be, To Conquer Themselves.

Courage & Resilience … my story!

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